DRU Organizational Resilience and ERM Roundtable 2018 

We are excited to announce the December 6th & 7th, 2018 DRU Network Roundtable on Organizational Resilience and Enterprise Risk Management at the University of Oregon-Portland Campus. 

The roundtable is intended for individuals involved in spearheading university or college ERM and Organizational Resilience efforts.


  • Explore both Organizational Resilience and ERM models for a campus environment. Roundtable participants will explore both the challenges and opportunities of the two approaches and review tools, resources, and maturity models
  • Share and discuss lessons learned from developing holistic, enterprise-wide views of what the critical risks to the achievement of your institution's mission and objectives
  • Provide networking opportunities for participants to connect with Organizational Resilience and Enterprise Risk Management leaders at other colleges and universities

The DRU Roundtable is being sponsored by the University of Oregon, University of California-San Francisco, Simon Fraser University, University of Notre Dame, and Washington State University.