Oregon Resilience Initiatives

Resilience is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment and still meet your mission and strategic objectives. The Safety and Risk Services unit works with our campus partners to support the university’s mission of exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. 

Our team continues to create links with campus partners to assess and address vulnerabilities, so our partners can continue to innovate and excel. To achieve our goal of becoming a more resilient university, we strive for proficiency in three areas: 

  1. Strong leadership and culture which stimulates the ability to stay aware, stay engaged, adapt, and make good decisions.
  2. Well-developed networks which helps us use partnerships to leverage assets efficiently.
  3. Change readiness which requires active planning, proactive thinking, and innovative problem-solving. 

Change readiness is ingrained in the SRS philosophy. Even though we cannot predict exactly when a crisis or emergency will occur, we can minimize losses through planning, training, and mitigation. We prepare by using an interdisciplinary approach to campus risk management, safety, and emergency preparedness — one that leverages our key asset, our people, by giving them the knowledge, skills, and technical assistance to address ever-changing vulnerabilities. Our efforts extend well beyond campus in supporting both state-wide and national resiliency initiatives, such as the Oregon Campus Resilience Consortium Concept and National Disaster Resilient Universities® (DRU) Network

We believe our integrated organizational approach will soon become a model of how to turn one of the campus’ greatest concerns — the safety and well-being of our people — into our strongest asset for building a resilient university.